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2011 Panels and Seminars

All our panels will take place at the Renberg Theatre

Venue: The Gallery Conference Room: 1125 N McCadden Place Los Angeles, CA 90038

This year we have a dynamic line up of the panels with top experts in the fields of entertainment from concept all the way to marketing and distributing your film. If you have thought about making a film this is the place for you. If you have thought about why your film didn’t sell …come find out why!

Our experts are friendly and willing to answer your questions and all panels will have time for Questions and Answers from the audience.

SATURDAY OCTOBER 15, 10am-12noon

Panel 1

SOCIAL MEDIA PANEL: how to use the social media outlets to sell your film

This is a panel with social media and film distribution experts who will give you a nuts and bolts understanding of how to sell your film, gain media exposure, and get the attention of distribution companies to buy your film. Q&A to follow


SATURDAY OCTOBER 15, 12 noon – 2pm

Panel 2

ANIMATION is big business! Get the real scoop on getting your ideas made.

Join us in a panel with an amazing expert panel of professionals who have made animated films and live action. This panel will go in depth on the pit falls of animation, the possibilities of taking narrative concepts and adapting them to animation and creating animated shorts to use as a financial calling card to get money for the full length project. Q&A to follow.



Panel 3

INDEPENDENT PITCHING PANEL and PITCH FEST: How to get them to say yes!

We explore the avenues available for the independent filmmakers to get your film made through the pitching process. We will have a panel of expert managers, producers, and development executives who will give pointers and reveal the process of pitching in Hollywood. We will have Q&A with the expert panelists and then you will get to pitch your idea or script in front of our panel – and get direct feedback on your idea, style and presentation. Don’t want to pitch? Just come sit, listen and learn. Q&A to follow.


SUNDAY OCTOBER 16, 10am-12noon

Panel 4

Finance and Distribution: Get me the Money!

We explore all the possibilities of getting money for your film. We have an expert panel of entertainment professionals that will give you all the possible ways you can access financing and distribution venues or at least get you started. Q & A to follow.


SUNDAY OCTOBER 16, 1pm-3pm

Panel 5

WGA presents: Feisty, Fabulous Femmes on Penning Family-Friendly Entertainment.

This panel goes in depth with produced female writers who have gone through paying their dues to get wonderful family features made in the studio system. This panel is always a favorite with our filmmakers. The WGA ‘Women’s committee is our sponsor on this panel and have been involved with the festival since 2006.