Welcome to the 15th Annual LA Femme International Film Festival here in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

We are so excited to have so many wonderful films this year from around the globe that we want to support and empower all the filmmakers to join us and attend this amazing film festival.

For those who are new to LA Femme we started over 15 years ago with an idea. This idea was to bring to together and showcase amazing content created by women. BY WOMEN FOR EVERYONE has been our slogan since the inception of the festival in 2005.  But as times change, we the festival have grown, WOMEN CREATED ENTERTAINMENT FOR GLOBAL AUDIENCES, is our slogan moving into the next decade. As we women filmmakers alter and adapt to the growing avenues of content creation so must the festival. The Festival is an iconic leader breaking through stone walls for over 15 years. These walls torn down by sheer force have now allowed other women supporting festivals to form all over the USA and throughout the world. But AS the leader and ICONIC festival that empowered and started the movement over 15 years ago , we have always felt duplication is the greatest form of flattery. But being the first and most prestigious, we celebrate all the content creators.

We understand that filmmaking is challenging, to be selected to screen at our important and pivotal festival is a difficult thing to achieve. We know that into the growing years we will be seeking more opportunities to showcase and empower those filmmakers which have yet to become an alumni.

After launching and empowering 1000s of female filmmakers we understand what it takes to get bloody, as we have during 15 years of conquering blocks to achieve the yardage to the finish line.

Come celebrate with us and know that if you have been selected to screen this year or in years past, you have done something special. Do not allow the nay–sayers to stop you from your goal. You are only as successful as the distance you attempt to reach. So reach for the stars, my friends, and move towards greatness.

Welcome again to the 15th Annual LA Femme International Film Festival!!!