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Seminar with Jennifer Yuh Nelson at Festival weekend October 11-14, 2012

This is a one day seminar program which will meet during our Festival Weekend for 3 hours from 12 noon-3pm at our designated seminar festival location in Hollywood, October 2012.

This seminar will be with a combined group of six women animators (3 High School and 3 College students) whose desire and career goals are to direct or become animators in the animation field for a major studio, gaming company or animation Production Company.

This Animation Mentorship is created by the LA Femme International Film Festival who has earned a reputation as a premier international festival which supports women in all aspects of media.  “We enthusiastically embrace Jennifer Yuh Nelson, director of KUNG FU PANDA 2, as our Mentor for this new and exciting seminar program designed to give a more hands on and in-depth look at women in animation and the job opportunities for emerging women animators”,  Ms. LaPage stated.

This workshop series will systematically approach the blending of creativity with real world experience offered by Ms. Nelson.  LA Femme is excited to introduce this industry program.

Any woman interested in applying to be selected to participate in this workshop must fill out an application and submit a sample of their animation work, sketches, or drawings. The applicants will be selected as finalists for this seminar and The women completing the workshop will be invited to the closing night ceremonies at the LA Femme International Film Festival in October in Los Angeles, CA.

High School Application Criteria

Age: Junior or Senior level female high school students


  1. Must have examples of work , sketches, animated characters
  2. Must have a  3.0 cumulative or higher  GPA to participate in this program
  3. Must have transportation or parent drop off to workshop location
  4. Must have parent approval letter to participate in program

College Application Criteria

Age:  Junior or Senior level female college students


  1. Must have beginning portfolio of animated character, sketches, graphic characters or story concepts
  2. Must have a 3.0 cumulative or higher GPA to participate in this program
  3. Must have transportation to and from workshop location

Please fill out the application (click here for pdf application) and submit your work via email to llapage@lafemme.org in low resolution format. Or you can put pdf or jpeg samples with a filled out application on a cd and mail this to: LA Femme Film Festival : 369 S Doheny Dr #212 Beverly Hills CA 90211