The Selection Process for Honorees:

The selection of Honorees is a long process and starts while we are ending our previous season. We work with our Board Members to get a cross section of professional entertainment women who have made a different in media. This cross section is pulled from actresses, directors, producers and writers who through their exemplary professionalism and talent they have made a difference in the portrayal of the roles they play, projects they selected to produce, direct or write.  We look for those that have or are currently contribute to philanthropic endeavors, who mentor young women coming up through the ranks or have strived against all odds to achieve a career in entertainment. You may look at this as a formable job to narrow who we honor on any given year but we find this the joy of our festival process. This is where we are able to celebrate in the achievements of other women who have or may not have been awarded the validation for their work from the more established Guilds and Academy.

Once our potential Honorees have been selected:

Once we have a list of who we are approaching to honor for the current year of the festival we then go about reaching out to those selected individuals.

What happens at the Awards Ceremony?

At the Awards Ceremony we celebrate in the work of the Celebrity Honoree with the help from our Master of Ceremony or in years past Co-Master of Ceremony hosts.  Our event is full of validation, love and empowerment for all those in attendance.

If you would like to find out who was our Celebrity Honorees for the LA Femme Film Festival 2009 please follow the link to access their bios and photos. Our current year’s festival honorees will be posted during the festival on our website.  We look forward to all those that make a difference in entertainment.

LA Femme Film Festival Filmmaker Winners

The Selection Process to screen at the film festival for Filmmakers:

This is a very long and arduous process for the Festival Director, the Judging Committee and the LA Femme staff.  Each film that is submitted is screened by at least four people. The festival director screens each film; the judging committee which is made up of only established A-List working entertainment professionals in development, distribution, financing, and studio executives fulfills the remaining slots. The LA Femme staff is always encouraged to screen as many films as they can but since the logistics of putting on the festival consumes most of their lives for a short period of time getting through hundreds of films can be a daunting effort. Once all the films have been screened the Director and the Judging Committee sit down to go over the films that are elevated to the next level of selection.

In phase two, the next step is for each of the judge to look at the remaining films so that a dialogue can continue on which films should go on to the final selection process. After this is completed then a finally meeting with all the Judges and the Director occur. This is where the LA Femme Film Festival is created.

Unlike most film festivals around the world where the Festival Director does not screen through all the films from the beginning, this is where we are different. Other festivals usually have their directors come in at the last stages to assist in the process of selection. But the LA Femme Film Festival Director believes that it is important to really understand the current quality of the films being created and submitted in any given year.  That is why she is dedicated to work along side the judges in the screening and selection process. The Judges are solely responsible for selecting the winners for each year.

Once a Filmmaker is selected:

Each filmmaker will receive a phone call and an email congratulating them on their selection. They will receive their screening time and all the needed information to have a successful festival with LA Femme.

The Filmmaker Winners at the Award Ceremony:

Our Filmmaker Festival winners also share the stage with the Celebrity Honorees as they both accept the awards for their efforts in creating art.  This is wear the current up and coming filmmaker and the celebrity honoree intertwine. The Filmmaker winners are a secret until the very last moment. We want each filmmaker to enjoy the excitement of winning an award as they walk to the stage hearing their name called in validation of their work and their inspiration of accomplishments in achieving their dreams.  For a full list of the winners from past years pleas access the past years Filmmaker Winners List. If you want to see the trailers of past selectees please go to the community section of the website or you can access the last year’s winners from the home page.