Film-Making Consulting Packages

We here at LA Femme International Film Festival believe in the creative energy that it takes to put together a film and then solicit it worldwide to gain interest in your talent or to secure distribution.

Over the years we have, as an organization we have been asked to create a system for you to gain the best exposure while you circulate your film , short, documentary, script/TV pilot or other media products throughout the worldwide festival circuit.




We have put together consulting packages which will give you one-one-one consulting and training to escalate you to the next level in your film making.

Each session is hand tailored to your needs and will either be a Skype or phone consultation. It is suggested that you are at a computer but this is not necessary during the session.

Note taking is a MUST and will give you a breakdown of what steps you need to accomplish succeed.

After payment you will be sent an application to fill out and based on this application a specific focused consultation will guide you through what steps you need to accomplish to get your film recognized, marketed and submitted to festivals or promoted to distribution companies.

Here is a small list of what may be covered during the consultation process based on your individual needs:

  • Create a plan for getting the most out of Film Festivals
  • Festival Press Releases / General Press Releases
  • How to Promote once you are selected to a festival
  • How to Promote if you win a Festival
  • How to prepare Press Kits for festivals
  • How to write an engaging Introductory Letter for the festival submission sites
  • How to use your short as a proof of concept to gain funding for your long form project
  • How to write an Introductory letter to secure an agent or manager
  • How to use film markets to secure a distribution company
  • Knowing your brand as a filmmaker
  • Platform releasing your product
  • Self Promotion
  • Social Media
  • Websites
  • Branding
  • Product Placement (for those in pre-production)
  • How to create a business plan to gain film financing once your proof of concept short has won a festival

Just to name a few.

So how do you get started ? By purchasing a consultation package. We will then send you the intake form to fill out and email back to us. We will then schedule a time that works to begin.

We have found that once you start moving forward to success that you move very fast but you MUST DO THE WORK. This is not magic but energized focused work.

You will be consulting with Leslie LaPage the Founder/Director of the film festival and learning from her 25 plus years of Festival Administration, Production, Financing, Distribution, Marketing and Promotion.