FAQ | Dis-qualifier-  Please Read

If your film is showing in another woman’s film festival in LOS ANGELES county during our festival weekend you will be disqualified from the LA Femme International Film Festival. We want our festival attendees to focus on all the events, networking and seminars we offer so please understand this is to maximise your exposure at the festival weekend and your opportunities to mix with industry executives.

1) About submission deadlines?

All our deadlines hard DATE deadlines.  No exceptions please.

2) What are the festival programs?

Premieres: are an invitation-only category for special screenings of feature films from established female directors and production companies. We host premieres throughout the year and during the festival.
Feature film: this is exclusively for featuring films made anywhere in the world by women directors only. In this program the films will compete for the la femme awards.
Feature documentary: documentary films can be international or Northern America in origin, and they must be directed by women for the LA Femme awards.
Producer’s feature film: these films will compete in for the best feature produced by women either in the United States or Internationally.
Feature film writer: this category may be included with the other feature film categories above. We will honor the best screenplay written by a woman either in the United States or Internationally.
Screenplay: this category awarded to best screenplay written or co-written by a woman either in the United States or Internationally.
Shorts: this category is open to any female producer, writer, director who has participated in any one of these positions or all of the positions.
Commercial: this category is for women who directed a commercial or PSA  in the United States or Internationally.
Music video: this category is for women who directed a music video of any type in the United States or Internationally.
Animation Feature / Short: this category is for women who directed animation content of any length anywhere in the world.

3) Do I have to select the category I am submitting to?

Yes. But if you are not sure base the decision on the length of your content. If your film is selected for the festival, our programming staff will determine which category best suits the project. Please submit works and we will figure out the rest. Make sure your application is complete.

4) Do you have to be a woman to submit a film?

  • No this film festival is to support and nurture the development of women in leading film positions.
  • A woman needs to be involved in one of the three film positions: director, producer, writer.
  • Premieres are by invitation only.
  • We accept films from all countries worldwide inclusive of live action and animation.
  • We will put your film in the proper category if you are not sure of which one to select.
  • We except for short films of all genres inclusive of animation.
  • We accept music videos, and commercials.
  • We accept mobisodes, webisodes, games.
  • We accept TV Pilot teleplays and Feature Film Screenplays.

5) How do you distinguish “shorts” from “features”?

The requirements are different for narrative feature films and documentaries.

Narrative feature films

  • 40 minutes or less running length is considered a short
  • 60 minutes or more running length is considered a feature
  • There is also a mid-length film which is the high bread of both and over 40 but under 60 minutes in length.


  • 30 minutes or less running length is considered a short
  • 50 minutes or more running length is considered a feature

Anything that falls between, we will decide what category .

6) When does the LA Femme Film Festival take place?

The festival will take place October every year in Beverly Hills, CA.

7) Can I submit my film as a “rough cut”?

“Rough cuts,” “avid cuts,” or “temp prints” will be accepted. You should always list directly on the tape box which elements of your film are missing. This will assist us in the judging process.

8) Can I submit my film with a “temp track” or “scratch music”?

“Temp tracks,” “scratch music,” or “temp sound” will be accepted. Again, you should always list directly on the tape box which elements are missing.

9) Can I arrange a screening for you of my film print?

No. We now screen everything on our submission platform partners.

10) Do you accept vhs tapes in pal or ntsc format to screen?

To screen please use our submission partners to submit your screener. For exhibition we only accept DCP formatted for a PC.

11) Does LA Femme project in digital at the festival?

We project in DCP only in theatres and online with mp4 or mov formats through our online platforms. If you do not have a DCP are print partner can create one for you. If you have a DCP file then you can upload the file to our print partner. (note: Our print partner has discounted rates to create DCP files or hard DCP drives for you when you are selected to the festival to screen.)

12) How many films can I submit?

As many as you like. However, you will need to complete a submission form, entry fee, and supplemental materials.

13) Does it matter how big my budget was, or if I have an agent or celebrities, or if it’s black & white, or a particular genre?

Not at all. Just send in the work. We will be selecting a wide variety of projects so no worries.

14) So what are you looking for? What kind of films stand out?

Good story telling with a female in one of three key positions, director, writer, producer. We look for well crafted films of all kinds with diverse voices that push the limits.

15) If my film is not chosen, may I speak with a programmer for notes or feedback?

Unfortunately, no. With numerous films to go through, we don’t have enough time to speak or correspond with you individually about your film. Please forgive us.

16) When will i find out if my film was selected?

We will contact you via email the first week in September. Please make sure that the email address and telephone you provide will be operational at that time. This is very important. If we cannot email and call you then even if you are selected, you will be deleted from screening. We demand a 24-hour response to the confirmation email once selected to screen.

17) Do you accept submissions on dvd?

No as we now only accept online submission through our submission partners.

18) If I submitted my information online and then I don’t upload my film, can I get a refund on the application fee?

No. The application fee is non-refundable.

If you need further assistance after reading the information above or would like to be put on the la femme mailing list call the office at 310-441-1645.

19) After I have been selected to screen at the festival, I decide to withdraw can I send my film in again.

Yes, but you will need to submit all over again. Understand that withdrawing after you have been selected to screen is a serious matter and causes the festival and others great harm because your film was selected, and a space was reserved for you. If you withdraw after the selection process has been completed there is never any ability to fill that spot. You see we have already refused other films to make room for you. So really consider this very seriously! If you are selected and you decide to withdraw there will be a $250 charge for withdrawing from the festival.

20) Do I need a trailer?

Yes, but if you do not have one that is ok. If you do, we will use this on ALL social media platforms for LA Femme and promote your screening. Which means DO NOT go to YouTube and state you never gave permission, YOU DID! Once you submit on our submission platform you have granted permission for the use of your trailer to be used to promoter YOUR film. If you would like to have it removed at a later date, then please email us a request and we will remove it.

21) I have a question not listed here.

If you have any further questions, please email us at submissions llapage@lafemme.Org