Filmmaker Testimonials

This is the What Filmmakers Are Saying About LA Femme!

 2018 Filmmaker Interviews


Thank you so much for all the incredibly hard work you put into creating a memorable, supportive, educational, and most of all artistically fulfilling weekend! What an amazing accomplishment, and what an inspiring group of artists!

We are extremely grateful to LA Femme for being so encouraging about the future of this project. Thanks again for everything you do!

Warmest regards, Hana and Chad

Thank you wonderful women! It was a FANTASTIC Festival – now get some rest!

All the Best,  Lorelei Shellist- “Skin on Skin”

Thank you for a fabulous experience during the festival.

Mo Fitzgibbon, Executive Producer

Thank you again for a wonderful festival. You all did an amazing job. We were proud and honored to be apart of Le Femme.

Deborah and Victoria


Thank you so much! It was an incredible experience being part of the Festival, and share knowledge, skills and points of view with this marvelous group. Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

Sincerely, Adriana.

Thank you and the LA Femme team so much for an incredible festival!  It was absolutely amazing to attend and to receive an award was such an honor.  So thanks to you all for all of your hard work.

Toni Thomson

It was a wonderful experience.  Thank you so much!

Jolie Oliver

Thank you so much for making this festival happen.  It was an absolute honour to attend and meet you in person.  I am also so honoured to share the award with our children in Nepal (a few are pictured in the attachment).  Thank you. Toni

Thank you again for such a great festival!

Thanks so much, Madoka Raine

Thanks for a great festival.

Thanks, Upasana

THANK YOU so much. We really enjoyed being part of La Femme Festival. The ceremony was especially meaningful – to see so many truly amazing women be honored. I’m thrilled to have taken part in your wonderful festival.

Dorie Barton, “Girl Flu”

I just wanted to write and tell you that the festival exceeded our expectations. Not only were the parties and panels great but the awards ceremony on the last night was so inspirational and moving. Thanks for it all!

Thanks again! I’m going to tell all my female filmmaker friends to submit next year!

🙂 Chloe Taylor

It was a  rewarding experience to participate in LA Femme FF.

Best, Irene Chagall

Congratulations on such a success!! So thrilled to celebrate so many inspiring women.


and there is so many more…..