by | Jan 5, 2010 | Past Filmmaker Winners


 Best Feature Producer: Awakened, Produced by Joycelyn Engle, Directed by Joycelyn Engle, Arno Malarone

Best Documentary: Daughters of the Niger Delta, Directed, Produced and Written by Ilse van Lamoen

Best Screenplay: Libertaire, Written by Elizabeth Indianos

Best Music Video: Big in L.A., Directed by Norman Richard & Jochen Cambridge, Producerd by Michelle Tracey Grayson, Performed by Joelle

Best Short: Wannabe, Directed, Produced and Written by Christina Campagnola, Produced by Dustin Waldman

Best Animated Short: A Slow Day in Comedy, Directed, Produced, Animated and Written by Libby Ward

Best Foreign Film: Desires of the Heart, Directed by James Kicklighter & Rajesh Rathi, Produced by Solida Parida

Best Feature Writer: Don’t Pass Me By, Written by Rachel Noll & Kathy Burton, Produced by Michel Davis, Judy Dinella

Best Feature Director: The Truth About Emanuel, Directed and Produced by Francesca Gregorini, Produced by Rooney Mara

Best Feature: The Bet, Directed by Finola Hughes, Produced by James Kahnn, James Presnal

Best Commercial: Obsession, Directed and Written by Montana Mann, Produced by Natalia Lax

Best Animal Focused Film: Wild Horses, Directed & Written by Stephanie Martin, Written by Jessica Walsh, Produced by Jessica Walsh, Tara Tucker

Best Animal Rights Documentary: Herd in Iceland, Directed, Produced and Written by Lindsay Blatt, Produced by Paul Taggart



Best Feature Producer: A Perfect Ending!, Produced by Marina Rice Bader, Directed by Nicole Conn

Best Documentary: How I Became an Elephant, Directed and Written by Synthian Sharp & Tim Gorski, Produced by Debbie Pagell

Best Screenplay: Ridgeway Mystery Club, Written by Kay Poiro

Best Music Video: Irrational Boy, Directed by Cynthia Shreves, Directed by Marcos Durian

Best Short: Superhero, Directed, Produced and Written by Krsitin Wright, Produced by Jeff Shipman

Best Animated Short: Mother’s Colours, Directed, Produced, Animated and Written by Joyce Borenstein

Best Foreign Film: Last Stop: Salvation, Directed and Written by Aysen Sever, Produced

Best Feature Writer: Hannah Has A Ho-Phase, Produced and Written by Jamie Jensen, Produced by Alison Carter

Best Feature Director: MisAdventures Of The Dunderheads, Directed, Produced and Written by D.G. Brock

Best Feature: The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, Directed and Written by Tara Johns, Produced by Barbara Shrier

Best Commercial: Lassoo, Directed and Written by Patty Cornell, Produced by Brian Hamblin



Best Feature Producer: Girls! Girls! Girls!, Produced by April Wade, America Young, Jenn Fee

Best Documentary: Fast Talk, Directed and Produced by Debra Tolchinsky, Produced by Ron Ward

Best Screenplay: Love Ava, Written by Amanda Winn Lee

Best Music Video: Nothing Is Wrong, Directed by Leah McKissock , Produced by Daniel Woltosz

Best Short: Love Is All You Need, Directed, Produced and Written by Kim Rocco Shields, Produced by Dana Garner, Co-Written by David Tillman

Best Animated Short: The Director, Directed, Produced, Animated and Written by Destri Martino

Honorable Mention: The Aerial Girl, Directed by Anna Simone Scott, Written by Terri Sissman, Produced by Peter Sands

Best Foreign Film: Madly In Love, Directed and Written by Hilde van Mieghem, Produced and Co-Written by Bert Hamelinck, Produced by Frank Van Pssell

Best Feature Writer: The Big Bad, Produced and Written by Jessi Gotta, Produced and Directed by Bryan Enk

Best Feature Director: Amores Ciegos, Directed, Produced and Written by Marise Samitier, Produced by Javier Millian

Best Feature: Fighting Fish, Directed and Written by Annette Apitz, Produced by Bertha Bay-Sa Pan



Best Feature Producer: Assisting Venus, Directed/Produced and Written by Michelle Martin

Best Documentary: BAS! Beyond the Red Light, Directed and Produced by Wendy Champagne

Best Screenplay: The Rules of Flushing, Written by Joelle Sellner

Best Music Video: If I had a Balloon, Directed by Erin Galey , Produced by Ayana Saunders

Best Short: The Muskrat Boy of Griffith Park, Directed and Written by Emmy Grinwis, Produced by Moira Michaels

Honorable Mention: Atlantic Crossing: A Robot’s Daring Mission, Directed, Written, and Produced by Dena Seidel

Best Foreign Film: 999, Directed and Written by Marina Kunarova, Produced by Yernar Malikov

Best Feature Writer: Truth About Kerry, Directed and Written by Katie Torpey, Produced by Katie Torpey

Best Feature Director: Kill the Habit, Directed and Written by Laura Neri, Produced by Janeen Levin, Linda Pianigiani

Best Feature: B-Girl, Directed and Written by Emily Dell, Produced by Elizabeth Dell


Best Feature Producer: The Beacon, Directed and Written by Michael Stokes, Produced by Sally Helppie

Best Documentary: Hedy & Yumi: Crossing the Bridge, Directed and Produced by Robyn Symon

Best Screenplay: Summer Camp, Written by Diane Hanks

Best Music Video: Black Coffin, Directed by Leah McKissock, Produced by Jaedo Kwon

Best Short: Death in Charge, Directed and Written by Devi Snively

Honorable Mention: Lejos Del Mar, Directed, Written, and Produced by Josefina Mata

Best Commercial: Couch Therapy, Directed and Written by Jen McGowan, Produced by Paula Bird

Best Feature Writer: Woman’s Prison, Directed and Written by Katie Madonna Lee, Produced by Katie Madonna Lee and Kelly Daisy

Best Feature Director: Hope for a Thorn, Directed and Written by Erin Kitzinger, Produced by Jay Delaney

Best Feature: Love Hurts,Directed and Written by Barra Grant, Produced by Brian Reilly



Best Feature Producer: Yesterday Was A Lie, Directed by James Kerwin, Produced by Chase Masterson, Written by James Kerwin

Best Documentary: Going on 13, Directed and Produced, Written by Kristy Guevara-Flanagan, Dawn Valadez,

Best Screenplay: Scouts Honor, Written by Kate Robbins and Jill Garson

Best Music Video: Crazy Little Girl, Directed by Amy McConnell, Produced by Amy McConnell, Kevin Quain

Best Animated Short: Crema Suprema, Directed and Produced by Ellenora Ventura

Best Short: Bombay Skies, Directed and Written by Rita Rani, Produced by Tina Nagtaul

Best Writer for Short:: Limpiando Sapos, Directed and Written by Vero Shom-Garcia, Produced by Andres Garcia, Arvin Chen, Gregory Shamo

Honorable Mention: Worth, Written, Directed and Proudced by Kathi Carey, Produced by David Manship

Best Commercial: Some Like It Light, Directed by Shawna Baca, Produced by Melissa Chiampa, Co-Produced by Edward L. Plumb

Best Feature Writer: The Sensei, Directed and Written by D Lee Inosanto, Executive Producers Ron Balicki, Tarik Heitmann, D Lee Inosanto,

Best Feature Director: Counting Backwards, Directed by Aprill Winney, Produced by Adam Pray, Written by Ryan Tavlin



Best Animated Short: The Chestnut Tree, Directed by Hyun-min Lee. Co-producers Bert Klein and Jennifer Cardon Klein

Best Music Video: Draco y el Teatro, Directed by Angela Alvarado

Best Short: One of the Oldest Con Games, Directed, Produced and Written by Leslie King

Best Screenplay: The Doll Shop, Written by Loretta Yaskiel and Randy Grixti

Best Writer: Moondance Alexander, Directed and Written by Michael Damian. Produced by Janeen Damian

Best Documentary: Hollywood 90038, Directed and Produced by Jennifer Kes Remington

Best Producer: Looking For Else, Co-Directed by Sandy Kopitopoulos and Daniel Maurer. Co-produced by Irene Challand and Luisella Realini, Produced by Taziana Soudani. Co-written by Daniel Maurer and Sandy Kopitopoulos

Best Director: Christian, Directed and Written by Elisabeth Lochen. Produced by Judicaelle Roche Lochen and Sebastien Roche Lochen

Best Feature: Red is the Color of, Directed, Produced and Written by Anne Norda



Best Animated Short: Ballyvaughan Story, Directed and Produced by Sara Pocock
Best Music Video: Twenty, Directed by Sue Turner-Cray. Produced by Sue Turner-Cray and Renee Ridgeley
Best Short: Terminal, Directed by Renie Oxley. Produced by Rebecca Sekulich, Renie Oxley. Written by Marty Musatov and Ethan Erwin
Best Screenplay: My Name is Sue, Written by Lisa Cole and Mark Monroe
Best Writer: Life of the Party, Directed and Written by Barbara Grant
Best Documentary: My Child: Mother of War, Directed and Produced by Angeliki Giannakopoulos
Best Producer: Vanishing Cultures: Bushman of the Kalahari, Produced by Paula Ely
Best Director: Open Window, Directed by Mia Goldman
Best Feature: Beautiful Dreamer, Directed by Terri Farley-Teruel. Produced by Brad Sublett, David Shoshan, Willis and Dorothy Miller. Written by Terry Chase Chenowith



Best Feature: Green Street Hooligans, Directed by Lexi Alexander. Produced by Deborah del Prete, Gigi Pritzker and Donald Zuckerman
Best Documentary: Daughters of Everest, Directed by Sapana Sakya. Produced by Ramyata Limbu

Best Screenplay: Natalie Rising, Directed by Donna Wheeler

Best Commercial: Girlstopper, Directed by Boothe Jouvet

Best Music Video: US, Directed by Adria Petty. Produced by Michael Garza

Best PSA: Imagine, Directed and Produced by Stacie Isabella Turk

Best Short: The Search, Directed by Kat Rohrer, Produced by Tom Greenman

Honorable Mention for Outstanding Achievement: Mission Movie, Directed by Lise Swenson

Best Indie Feature: GoldiRocks, Directed by Paula Tiberius

Best Indie Writer: Manfest, Directed by Tara Judelle

Best Director: The Colt, Directed by Yelena Lanskaya. Produced by Mathew O’Connor and Zhanna Mihaleva