by | Oct 19, 2012 | Past Filmmaker Winners



Thank you to all our festival participants for screening with the festival.

Best Feature Producer Winner – Marina Rice Bader

“A Perfect Ending”

Director-Nicole Conn, Cast-Barbara Niven, Jessica Clark, John Heard, Morgan Fairchild, Kerry Knuppe, Rebecca Staab

A middle class wife struggles to find what passion really is in a world of compromise and secrets.

Best Documentary Winner – Synthian Sharp, Tim Gorski, Debbie Pagell

“How I Became an Elephant”

Cast-Juliette West, Sangduen (Lek) Chailert

This film follows an innocent fourteen year-old girl from suburban California on her quest to save the world’s largest land mammals taking her halfway across the globe.

Synthian Sharp & Tim Gorski

Best Screenplay — Kay Poiro

“Ridgeway Mystery Club”

A small town child psychiatrist Mel Baker is framed for illegal distribution of narcotics, and in order to keep her license and solve the case, she enlists the help of her mystery-loving book club girlfriends.

Best Music Video Winner – Cynthia Shreves (Producer)

“Irrational Boy”

Director-Marcos Durian, Cast- Rebekah Starr Band, Ron Jeremy

The sexy rockers of all-girl band, The Rebekah Starr Band, channel their inner studio wrestling alter-egos to defeat a mystery adversary.

Best Short — Kristin Wright


Director- Kristen Wright, Producer-Jeff Shipman, Cast- Brittany Felton, David Pierce, Jeremy Aggers, Joe Gabler, John Benzinger, Stacy Melich

Margot, dealing with the death of her parents copes wearing a homemade superhero costume and discovers who she really is.

Best Feature – Tara Johns, Barbara Shrier

“The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom”

Director-Tara Johns , Producer-Barbara Shrier, Cast- Julia Stone, Gil Bellows, Macha Grenon

It’s 1976 and Elizabeth’s fantasy-driven search for her real mother wreaks havoc on every part of her life all to discover who she really is and to whom she belongs.

Best Feature Writer – Jamie Jensen

“Hannah Has A Ho-Phase”

Director/Producers-Jamie Jensen and Nadia Munla, Cast- Genevieve Hudson-Price, Matt Servitto, Meredith Forlenza, Mike C. Nelson, Quincy Dunn Bake

When sexually liberated Leslie becomes increasingly frustrated with Hannah’s attempts at dating, the two go head-to-head and challenge each other to swap places.

Best Feature Director – D.G. Brock

“MisAdventures Of The Dunderheads”

Director- D.G. Brock, Producer- Bruce Stubblefield, Cast- Olympia Dukakis, Haley Joel Osment, Alison Brie

Meet the Dunderheads an eccentric family that’s been in the mountains for far too long with Grandma Ira fleeing to Canada with her two dysfunctional teenage grandkids.

Best Foreign Film — Aysen Sever (Producer)

“Kurtulus Son Durak (Last Stop: Salvation)”

Director-Yusuf Pirhasan, Producer-Aysen Sever, Cast- Belcim Bilgin, Ahmet Mumtaz Taylan, Asuman Dabak, Ayten Soykok

A group of women who have become numb to the pain in their lives welcome a new tenant into the building; the heartbroken Eylem who will change their lives forever.

Best Animated Short — Joyce Borenstein

“Mother’s Colours”

A Mother is saved from loneliness through her passion for painting through a poetic road trip into the imagination, inspired by Van Gogh’s statement ‘Art is the raft.

Best Commercial – Patty Cornell


Lassoo, the anti-Lassie, does what he needs to, to get some Doritos.