by | Jan 5, 2011 | Past Screening Programs

These are the selected Finalists in the Screenplay Competition for the LA Femme Film International Film Festival 2011.


  1. Love, Ava by Amanda Winn Lee
    When a woman finds out she is terminally ill, she decides she must kill all of the people making her best friend’s life miserable before she dies.
  2. Ancestral by Jane C. Rosen
    Cecilia Wagner has spent her adult life putting her granola munching family behind her, now – she can almost smell the compost. But can she escape their wisdom?
  3. Becoming Again by Kathy Pyatt
    Hyper-driven Kate Frasier, a Chicago businesswoman unconscious of her own needs, discovers her father’s secret, and eventually herself, through an unusual source.
  4. Waiting for An Apology by Sevina Altanova
    After exploring the past of sexually abused women, a young college student is compelled to share the stories of these women in hopes of giving them the apology they have long been waiting for.
  5. Fortune Smiles by Noelle Foster
    When the Wang family escapes Maoist China for North Carolina in 1967, they think their luck will change. But they have left the frying pan for the fire. Only Chinese magic and American gumption will save them from ruin at the hands of a racist politician.
  6. Consenting Adults by Ilse Rumes
    Young women are drawn to the big city to make it as artists. In order to make ends meet they work in the sex industry and discover a real community.
  7. The Sleeping House by Suzanne Griffin
    A Jewish artist falls in love with a his brother’s new wife, and discovers that her life was mysteriously intertwined with that of his own recently deceased wife, a survivor of the Soviet Gulag.
  8. Imprinted by Alison McMahan
    Fourteen-year old Vivien has to spend eight years in space, all alone except for the minds of three brilliant astronauts imprinted in her brain – and a psychopath.
  9. Bocce Games by Bianca Biagioni
    Part one of a trilogy; a romantic tragedy paralleling a modern day Romeo and Juliet immersed in a harsh, violent mafia world.
  10. The Basement by Dawn Marie Guernsey
    After a tornado, LENA is trapped beneath a toppled building used by a serial killer as a burial ground for his victims.