by | Oct 16, 2018 | Past Filmmaker Winners

We would like to congratulate all the winners of the 14th Annual LA Femme International Film Festival 2018

Best Feature 2018

Lost Gully Road
Donna McRae

Best Documentary 2018

She Is the Ocean
Inessa Blokhina

Best Screenplay 2018

The Blue Eye: Akrotiri
Annie Spiczak

Best Music Video 2018

Stand Down
Dana Tynan & Kario Salem

Best Short 2018

Clams Casino
Pam Nasr

Best Feature Writer 2018

Parallel Chords
Catherine Dudley-Rose

Best Feature Director 2018

Bardo Blues
Marcia Kimpton

Best Foreign Film 2018

Jo Morris

Best Animated Short 2018

The Magic Lantern
Mariana Ospina & Youp Zondag

Best Special Focus Documentary 2018

STROOP (POACHED)-Journey Into the Rhino Horn War
Susan Scott

Best Webisode 2018

Big T
Brenda Ray

Best TV Pilot Script 2018

Three Sisters
Jen Gutierrez

Best Commercial 2018

Amazon Get Answers NOW!
Tamika Miller