by | Oct 21, 2013 | Press

2013 LA Femme International Film Festival

Filmmaker Award Winners


Best Feature Producer


Julianne Michelle & Joycelyn Engle


Best Documentary

“Daughters of the Niger Delta”

Ilse van Lamoen


Best Screenplay


Elizabeth Indianos


Best Music Video

“Big in L.A.”

Michelle Tracey Grayson


Best Short


Christina Campagnola


Best Feature

“The Bet”

Finola Hughes


Best Feature Writer

“Don’t Pass Me By”

Rachel Noll & Katy Burton


Best Feature Director

“The Truth About Emanuel”

Francesca Gregorini


Best Foreign Film

“Desires Of The Heart”

Solila Parida


Best Animated Short

“A Slow Day in Comedy”

Libby Ward


Best Commercial


Montana Mann


Best Animal Focused Film

“Wild Horses”

Stephanie Martin


Best Animal Rights Documentary

“Herd in Iceland”

Lindsay Blatt