by | Oct 4, 2017 | Past Filmmaker Winners

Éire’s Song by Kristen Nedopak

1845—An aggrieved young Irish-English woman must harness Celtic magic to fulfill prophecy, with the help of two men, to defeat an ancient cult before they destroy Ireland, all the while struggling to find her own self-power.

Heathens by Lilly Camp

After being called “dyke” at her public middle school, naïve, book-smart Lulu Simmons decides Catholic school is the right choice for high school, where she’ll realize who she is.

Jasmine Rose Pilot by Karen Ashikeh

Anyone can walk through that door to find what they are looking for, as God meets Government, as a cast of quirky characters come together to create a just and sustainable world .

Masked Monsters by Cristina Nunez

A psychopathic owner of a New York City Strip club seeks support from a psychotherapist to help mentally manage her physical life of crime, carnality and children.

Shanda by Jillian Lauren

1919, Buenos Aires. When a young girl from a Russian shtetl is kidnapped and transported halfway around the world to an Argentinian brothel, her new life in the Jewish criminal underworld inspires her to reconsider her ideas about both morality and religion.


Sunset Junction by Amanda Boyd

An aspiring private detective seeks justice for victims to atone for her father’s sins, all while living in fear of her true identity as the daughter of a notorious serial killer.


Talatrics by Cecilia Copeland

In 5515, on a massive spaceship, a young woman and her older brother try to escape The Prophecy that tore apart their world by learning to harness their powers as students enrolled at TALATRICS the College of the Art in Science aka Magick.

The Bitch From Season 3 by Carmen Angelica

It’s been years since Chloe was on America’s Best Synchronized Swimmer: There Can Only Be One, but the world won’t stop seeing her as the bitch. When her season has a reunion, Chloe takes this as an opportunity for redemption and show the world she has changed.

The Disappearance by Jess Harris-DiStefano

The Disappearance is an hour long drama about a charming young sports writer, whose secret past comes back to haunt him when he accidentally discovers the whereabouts of his long lost father and younger siblings.

 Un/Attached by Adi Blotman

Margo’s husband cheated on her, Janet’s husband left her with 4 kids, and Annie’s girlfriend vanished without an explanation and Zoe’s ex published naked photos of her. Together they find comfort in each other, while working through their issues, and rediscovering who they are in this dramedy about life after love.