Amelia Was Here by Arlene Westermeyer

Unexpectedly forced to land her airplane in a small, southern town, Amelia Earhart quickly discovers that most folks admire her, but a few people want to hold her for ransom! (Due to severe weather, Amelia Earhart landed her airplane in my hometown of Gaffney, SC, in July 1930. The rest of the story is fiction.) I have obtained a license to use Miss Earhart’s name from CMG Worldwide that handles the intellectual property rights for her family.

A Song Unsung by Elise Free

When Charlie’s dad walked out of her life at the tender age of five, her love of singing country music went with him. And when he walks into her honky tonk 20 years later, she’s determined to find out how a dad could leave his daughter. With her identity a secret, Charlie joins her father’s band and goes out on the road to manage their motley crew and uncover the mystery behind his absence. But along the way she finds something else she lost all those years ago, her own voice.

In Wonderland by Summer Starrs

14 year old Alice experiences Wonderland Junior High school for the first time through the eyes of a long time home-schooled girl only to learn about a secret order to the chaos that runs the school. Alice struggles to understand this outside world away from her sheltered home, but soon realizes the inevitable actions she must take that would force her to lose her innocence in order to survive.

Lil Surfer Girl by Lena Rudnick

A horrendously embarrassing viral video gives Jo, an overweight teenage girl, the opportunity to attend TV idol Terry Bethesda’s Camp Focus and transform herself into a butterfly with all of the World watching…no pressure.

Magnus by Ayesha Nizhoni

Set in 1983, MAGNUS is the story of frustrated TV reporter Gloria Magnus, whose life is upended when she receives a mysterious letter, setting off a chain of events that find her on a quest for justice in the face of overwhelming police corruption and gang brutality.

Motivation by Sonya Davis

Two former friends become arch rivals after one succumbs to corruption in a city jail

Pilot Whale Fog by Bonnie Carini

Two broken families, one from Hawaii and the other from the Faroe Islands where most of the story takes place, are brought together by tragedy and music, but their cultural beliefs keep them in conflict until they are unified by a pilot whale.

The Path to Virtue by Catherine Fridey

Maddy Baker is stuck in her personal and professional lives. In addition, the mysterious song she’s had stuck in her head since she can remember is on a loop and driving her crazy. One day, her BFF Liz invites her to the opera, and lo and behold, she hears “her” song. It triggers a journey back in time to another lifetime, to Revolutionary France. At first, she thinks she’s in some weird dream, as most of the people she knows in the present also exist in the past. Who she doesn’t count on meeting is Jean-Loup, an idealistic painter in an increasingly chaotic world, as the Reign of Terror is established against the “enemies” of the fledging Republic. Maddy realizes that she is actually getting a second chance to redeem herself from this life as a frivolous courtesan, and finds herself on a hazardous journey where she encounters true love and self-fulfillment.

Thirst by Mary Wescott and Zeke Anders

After war and famine, an orphan discovers the man-made sky island created to protect life is draining Earth’s remaining water for the elite; now, she must salvage what little remains in order to save all of humanity

Walk With Me by Isabel del Rosal

As a young mother moves through the heart wrenching difficulty of leaving her husband, she finds herself falling in love with another woman.