by | Oct 3, 2015 | Past Events

We are excited to have performing for our Awards Ceremony this year.


niloo veggiloo

Niloo is a professional singer, actor and stand-up comedian living in Los Angeles. Her current projects include the touring international 14 piece cover band SEVENT, which travels all over the U.S. for extravagant private events. Niloo has a thriving stand-up career and has been lucky enough to perform at famed comedy stages such as Flapper’s in Burbank. She has been a Thespian since middle school in North County San Diego, and has been a working actor here in Los Angeles since 2003. Most recently Niloo starred in a dark web series about heroin use called 30 Nods. She was recently cast in an unnamed Iranian TV Pilot and is the subject of a documentary in post production, by award winning Iranian filmmaker Esmail Mihandoust. Niloo is also a very passionate Animal Rights Activist and active Animal Rescuer, and a vocal proponent of a Vegan diet for ethical, socio-economical, political, environmental and health reasons. She asks that you please live compassionately and spay and neuter your companion animals. You can follow her on FB under Niloo Veggiloo or on Twitter as @ZenKittie.