by | Oct 2, 2015 | Past Filmmaker Winners


 Crummville by Diana Woody

Gracie goes to visit her cousin Arthur and his wife Abby but upon her arrival the Mayor’s wife is murdered. She sets out to uncover the truth behind the murder.

Delivery Girl by Jude Roth

On a delivery Eva witnesses Liam, a celebrity, murder a woman who is later discovered to be a sex slave. A corrupt police officer pins the murder on Eva, so to clear her name she uses the help of an undercover cop to uncover the LA sex trade.

Loose Girl by Rosemary Rodriquez

With her mom off at medical school and her dad emotionally unavailable, Kerry our lead is left to her own devices at age 14 and uses sex to get people’s attention. As a successful writer at school now she seeks out men to validate her self-worth.

Marlene by Gary Sherwood and Jennifer Julian

Marlene, a German actress, leaves Germany to further her acting career, but when the war spreads, she sets aside her acting to support the troops.

Supremacy by Rosalyn Rosen

In 1993, a beautiful, Pulitzer Prize winning author interviews the recently defected Propagandist and Youth Recruiter of the Aryan Nations for her new book.  Their interview evolves into something neither of them could have imagined.

This is Africa by Hayley Easton Street

Journalist, Kate, goes to Africa to document the ivory trade, but during her research she is also looking for the murderers of ranger Nyaga. With the illegal trade, raiders, and dangerous wildlife, Kate struggles to survive illegal trade moguls.

Two Micks and a Mook by Tricia Lynn Tomasky

To outsiders, the unusual friendship of Grace, Tony, and Moochie is a constant source of intrigue. When one of the trio dies a heroic death, the remaining two are forced to face the dark secrets that formed their bond and made their childhood hell: Their own families.

The Polish Medallion by Siovonne Smith

After boarding a military train for Warsaw, Stena and her son Andrzej meet Vika Mond and her son Andrzej. Their train gets bombed and Vika and her son Andrzej are killed. But now the two of them must escape the Nazis.



Club Girl by Natalia Smyka and Mekenna Melvin

Katherine Shaw hires 2 girls to help her become a Hollywood socialite’s to penetrate the secrets of the Hollywood stars and post the discoveries.

Enlisted by Carol Garlick

Chelsea Pepper’s first day working at the Aircrew Training office was full of introductions, sex, drinking, bowling, betrayal, and a death. Even with the military’s strict rules, the morals are less so.

The White Crow by Paula Rogers

Anna, often hidden away from society by her parents due to her “spells”, is taken to the theater where she discovers the ghost of her dead brother. She seeks out Mr. Broome, a medium, to connect with her brother’s spirit and find out what he is trying to tell her.

Vigilante Theroem by Meghan Fitzmartin

Casey leaves for university in Adapost, the first school to integrate Normals, Supers, and Powers. She is determined to have Professor Jeremy Fischer train her to be a Super, just like the one in the prophecy, Barracuda. But she has no idea what that really means.

 Where The Boys Are by Marianne Hagar

A Group of girls start their first year at George University, previously an all-male college. But they had no idea that the struggles of being the few new girls on an all-male campus.