by | Oct 14, 2016 | Past Filmmaker Winners



Crummville by Diana Woody

Gracie goes to visit her cousin Arthur and his wife Abby but upon her arrival the Mayor’s wife is murdered. She sets out to uncover the truth behind the murder.


Becoming Terpsichore by Susan Polk

While preparing for her big 25th anniversary date with her husband Kurt, Suzy must run a multitude of errands all while her eldest teen daughter Meg interviews her for a school project. Bothe Meg and Suzy are surprised by Suzy’s past and present experiences.


High Strung by Belinda Bates

After moving to the Midwest, Laney joins a local tennis club to distract from her struggles with single motherhood. When Laney’s competitive spirit goes too far, she must make it up to all her friends and family.


Scott by Anna Rose Moore

What begins as taking a small case for a friend, turns into a huge battle with the legl system to bring justice to poorly treated women in prison.


Gwendolyn Smudge (a circuitous journey to a spectacular doughnut) by Abigail Sparrow

Upon the death of her last remaining family member, Gwendolyn inherits her family fortune. She decides to take a road trip around the United States in search for the best donut. She tries hundreds, but ends up in a small town 45 minutes away from Smudge.


Scattering Rachel by Colette Freedman & Brooke Purdy

A few girlfriends traveling to 5 locations where their friend Rachel requested her ashes be spread. At first they all struggle with coming together, but with each location they bond and heal from Rachel’s death.


Fury Rising by Sheri Davenport

Sam, 18, is kicked out of her foster family’s home and goes to find her birth mother. She meets her biological family, but she is startled when the police start looking for her. She runs, but her mother finds her to tell her the police need her help.


Thirst by Mary Westcott & Zeke Anders

After war and famine, Earth is left in ruin. Water is rare and what is left is taken to an ark built for the elite. Sky must save humanity that remains on Earth and what little water remains.


Officeress by Julia Camara

Alice becomes the first female police officer in Los Angeles. She has to deal with the harsh skepticism of her being on the police force during the suffragettes’ movement and the time away from her family.


Catherine’s Cross by Millie West

With the help of detective Mason, Jenks investigates the murder of her twin sister, Gigi, and recovers the sunken treasure Gigi recovered before her death.


And Into Ploughshares by Amelia Phillips

Melanie works behind a desk for Social Services after it is discovered that she had relationships with the older brother of one of her child cases. 10 years later, she figures out that Pedro is on death row. She tries to save his life and her conscience.




The Venue by Jill Pauletich-Ragan

Drama, Emma reflects upon her life and relationships during the preparation of her club’s soft opening, when the opening becomes a much larger event than expected.


Portia’s Law by Hana Callaghan & Chad Callaghan

To support her family, Clara decides to become the first female lawyer in CA.


South of the 10 by Davina Willett

Lucky trains to fight Hasik to continue on to the boxing tournament, but has to balance training with her personal life.


My Weird Asian Mother by Ann Truong

Avery’s mother, Nancy, shows up at her door for a surprise visit. All of her childhood memories of her mother’s oddness arrive with her. But with Nancy’s help and creativity, Avery relaunches her fashion line in time for the investors.


Summoned by Megan McNamara

Cora must atone for abusing her powers as a Jinni that grants her “masters” 3 wishes.


It Takes a Village by Judy Bernadino

Helen returns from deployment and meets up with her family who has been watching her daughter while she was gone. They have to face their problems so that she will stay close.


Project XX Girl Code by J. R. Barr

Raine finds a new mysterious job as a manager of a group of coders that don’t work on anything. She runs into an old friend, Daniel, who hints that there is more to the job that anyone is letting on.


Life in Paradise by Jill Jaress

Pixie deals with Louis’ impulsive purchase of the Paradise apartment building and Annie deals with being locked in an apartment room with gorgeous Chad.


Rolling by Michelle Sam

This script is a dark comedy that focuses on the downward slide of a burnt out fortysomething female DJ going through an existential crisis in a male and youth dominated electronic music world where she doesn’t seem to fit in. We explore her struggle to succeed at life and fail at every turn in the changing electronic dance music (EDM) world.