by | Oct 19, 2020 | Past Filmmaker Winners

TV Pilots

Afro written by Jenn Shaw (Semi-Finalist)

After a natural hair transformation, a bullied African American math savant joins an underground network of people-of-color that seek cultural justice in her high-school by any means necessary.

Bun in the Coven written by Sara Lohman (Semi-Finalist)

Billy is introduced to a mommy and me group whose special hobby is witchcraft to make being a mom easier.

Deadshot Girls written by Heidi James (WINNER)
When the spirits of the Deadshot Girls — America’s legendary cowgirls throughout history — appear to a hot-headed, untrained bull rider, she sets out to take over the male-dominated world of rodeo with their help.

Finding Ms. Katey written by Janeane Bernstein (Semi-Finalist)

When a depressed high school student makes an unexpected connection with an older writing teacher, she discovers the power of words and music to heal at any age.

The Bliss Killer written by LeLe Park (Semi-Finalist)

Mentally-disturbed MoMo Mendax has accepted being disregarded her entire life. But when times get tough, she embarks on a downward spiral of incestuous love and crime as her competing desires spin out of control.

Matched written by Anniek Shaffer  (Finalist)

An eccentric matchmaker, intent on making an internet commercial for her company, struggles to convince her single, adult daughters to help her by going on filmed dates.

MIA: Maria in America written by Margarita Reyes & Norm Fassbender (Semi-Finalist)

A disabled Marine veteran, suffering from PTSD, must defend her parent’s home from property thieves before she can move away from the stresses of the city.

Shine On written by Mary Robbins (Finalist)

Polished on the outside, snarky on the inside, Ginger is a therapist dealing with her own crazy family life while pretending to have it all together for her A-List clients.

Repression written by Molly Vogel (Semi-Finalist)

A recovering addict returns home when her estranged sister violently dies. Haunted by visions of her sister, she uncovers repressed childhood memories that may shed light on her sister’s death and her father’s true nature.


Anything for my Bestie written by Maria Jefferson (Semi-Finalist)

After being jilted by her arrogant and abusive husband for the much younger au par, a mother and her five young children are left to pick up the pieces of their lives with the help and support of her best friend.

Audrey’s Children written by Julia Fisher Farbman (Semi-Finalist)

The untold story of legendary oncologist and co-founder of Ronald McDonald House Charities, Dr. Audrey Evans. When Audrey arrives in Philadelphia in 1970, nearly all kids with cancer died. Through faith, science and moxie, she makes it her mission to change that.

Beyond Candy Mountain written by Alice L Walker (Semi-Finalist)

Through their story about a utopia she and Eleanor have created over the years called Candy Mountain, Francine gives El a way to learn the most powerful lessons a mother can teach. Francine sends her to unlock her true potential in Candy Mountain: A Child’s Heaven.

Electric Blue written by Suzanne S. Nichols & Carole A. Parker (Semi-Finalist)

After her mother’s sudden death, a brilliant young neurologist starts having precognitive dreams and experiencing phenomena which cause her to question everything she knows about the mind, life and death, and reality itself

Happy Hour written by Cynthia Mersten ( WINNER)

Kate Montgomery – a college dropout and failed Sommelier – just wants to be good at something. After a brief stint as a wine broker, she enters the shadowy, male-dominated underworld of liquor distribution. It’s her one shot at real success.

Happy Night written by Deirdre Allen Timmons (Semi-Finalist)

A suicidal woman meets a serial killer and the two must plot, un-plot, re-plot, and un-plot again, who will do the deed in this dark comedy by Deirdre Allen Timmons.

Love Big written by Lydia Fiore (Semi-Finalist)

On the verge of turning 55, a bawdy but charming career-driven fashion executive still searching for that elusive love unexpectedly falls into a passionate encounter with a warmhearted grieving widower only to discover that love has a timetable of its own.

Opposition Research written by Tracy Schumer (Semi-Finalist)

When a brilliant young law grad with a talent for speed-reading takes a well paid gig scraping bulk data for dirt on a rival political candidate, his idealistic naiveté and misplaced loyalty land him in the crosshairs of powerful enemies, the FBI, and his murderous boss.

Pericles written by HS Fishbrook (Semi-Finalist)

A runaway prince discovers how the bonds of love and family supersede the tragedies of accident, betrayal, and even death. A 1930s vintage adaptation of Shakespeare’s romance.

Project Fog written by Adva Reichman (Finalist)

Ahmed, a devoted undercover Israeli agent who’s infiltrated Hamas and has been living in Gaza for the last 18 years, is ordered to locate a kidnapped Israeli soldier. Shockingly, he finds out it is his 16 year-old son.

Queen of Newburgh written by Lisa Cole & Veronica Moody (Semi-Finalist)

Veronica “Ronnie” Moody, a badass young woman, who dreams of escaping her tough Afro-Caribbean neighborhood in upstate New York.

Rain written by Andronica Marquis (Semi-Finalist)

A runaway prince discovers how the bonds of love and family supersede the tragedies of accident, betrayal, and even death. A 1930s vintage adaptation of Shakespeare’s romance.

Rainbow Cowboy written by Leslie Bloom, Callum Trevitt, Todd Nayor (Finalist)

A young lesbian woman, Jin, runs from the Old West when beaten after having relations with another woman