by | Oct 18, 2020 | Past Filmmaker Winners

This year’s Best Animated Short Award goes to “The Butterfly Affect†Directed by STEPHANIE BLAKEY

Finalists: Prototype, BADA

This year’s Best Webisode goes to “They Them Us†Directed by JANE MARLOW

Finalists: Visible Farmer, Harbor Island

This year’s Best Music Video Award goes to “DREAM†Directed by MAXI WITRAK, JOSE MURO

Finalists: Something More, Dream

This year’s Best Commercial Award goes to “BOSS EYEWEAR†Directed by GEORGIA TRIBUIANI.

Finalists: About the Girl in the Trunk, Dimello Capsules

The award for Best Screenplay goes to “Happy Hour†written by Cynthia Mersten

Finalists: Rainbow Cowboy, Project Fog

The Award for Best TV Pilot SCRIPT goes to “DEADSHOT GIRLS†written by HEIDI JAMES

Finalists: Shine On, Matched

The Best Short Film award goes to “20 MINUTES TO LIFEâ€directed by VERONIKA KURZ

Finalists and Honorable Mention: in the Shorts category “NO WHERE TO GO†and “WICHITA†.

This year’s Best Documentary award goes to “Made in Auschwitz – The Untold Story of Block 10†BY Sonya Winterberg, Sylvia Nagel

Finalists: Finding Courage, STOP THE BLEED

The Best Special Focus Documentary goes to Director JAMIE BALDANZA for “WILD LANDS WILD HORSESâ€

Finalists: Guardians of the Gulf, Diving Deep: The Life and Times of Mike deGruy

The Best Foreign Film award goes to Director IRINA GEDROVICH for “SAVIOR ANGELâ€.

Finalists: Seven Wishes, Kings of Mulberry Street

The Best Feature Writer award goes to “86 MELROSE AVENUE by LILI MATTA

Finalists: Fall Back Down, Angel

This year’s Best Feature award goes to ALEKSANDRA SZCZEPANOWSKA with “TOUCH†

Finalists: In the Moon’s Shadow, Code of Practice

The Best Feature Director award goes to KARA HEROLD for “39 1/2â€.

Finalists: Between Waves, I Heard Sarah