by | Oct 21, 2014 | Past Filmmaker Winners

2014 Filmmaker Winners


Best Short Film–“Gloria” Directed, Produced, and Written by Audi Resendez

Best Animated Short–“Out of the Darkness” Directed and Written by Noëlla Borie

Honorable Mention in Shorts–“C.T.R.L.” Directed and Written by Mariana Conde, Produced by Donna Mabey

Best Webisode–“Living the Dream” Directed by Beth Dewey; Created, Produced, and Written  by Monica Torres

Best Music Video–“Highway to Yodel-ay-hee-huuu” Directed by Michelle Kantor

Best Screenplay–“Misfit” Written by Emily Bell

Best Documentary–“Despite the Gods” Directed by Penny Vozniak, Produced by Karina Astrup

Best Foreign Documentary–“Algorithms” Produced by Geetha J.

Best Animal Rights Documentary–“A Different Kind of Farm” Directed and Produced by Caroline Harding

Best Special Focused Documentary–“Love Thy Nature” Directed and Produced by Sylvie Rokab, Produced by Elaine Souda and Tamra Raven

Best Foreign Film–“We Are Like Oranges” Directed, Produced, and Written by Cecilia Gärding

Best Feature–“The Park Bench” Directed, Produced, and Written by Ann Leschander, Produced by Angel Thompson

Best Feature DirectorMiriam Kruishoop for “Greencard Warriors”

Best Feature WriterDominique Schilling for “A Reason”

Best Feature ProducerAmy Campione & Danielle Hanson for “American Girl”