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2014 LA Femme International Film Festival

Screenplay Finalists


Country Girl by Judy Klass
In this thriller coming-of-age story, a Tennessee trailer park gal gets a job caring for the kids of a rich, divorced couple in Nashville, and is taken with the family to NYC. When the mother is mysteriously murdered she and the kids find themselves on the run…with the furious father in pursuit.

The Great Reset by Camille Righi-Policieux
A cryptography expert, only witness of the murder of her husband, has to decipher digital clues in order to save her daughter and protect the world’s alternative economic future.

Misfit by Emily Bell
In this darker, modern twist on a romantic comedy, lovelorn Jo moves in with her mother and the oddball community at her highway motel residence, where relationships are like a drug, and when a “fix” comes calling again, Jo isn’t sure she wants it back.

Sultana by Lee Lennon-Costanzo
On April 27, 1865, thousands of Union soldiers, released prisoners of war from Castle Morgan in Alabama, meet a horrifying death on the mighty Mississippi. The sinking of the riverboat, Sultana, is one of the most over-looked tragedies in American history – until now.

Cahoots by Elan Carlson
Two quirky rail hands, Scottish and Irish, commit to the most bizarre act ever in the West and put their lives on the line to secretly rescue a Chinese family of three females and return the three safely home to China.

Rue by Kay Poiro
Dark forces and family secrets threaten the balance of power in a secluded Louisiana bayou.

Stubs by Lindsay Golder
A scheming amputee and fake war hero cons his way into a job as a high school girl’s softball coach.

The Medley by Angelica Marcondes
In order to win a major trophy, teen swimming prodigy Lola will have to overcome fears that go beyond the swimming pool: fit in a new town, fall in love for the first time and, hardest of them all, face the truth about her father’s death.

Little Pink Houses by Hannah Eade
In the cattle country of rural California, the friendship of three women sustains them through hard times, bad husbands, and murder.

Feeling Jung by Lauren Kettlre
Tara and Glen can’t afford a divorce so they take week’s vacation, with 10-year-old son Ned in tow, to find new, better-heeled spouses.